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A Debt Consolidation's goal is to educate consumers in the wise and proper use of credit, and to help families and individuals in developing realistic spending plans. Our program will show you how to develop a plan of action that will help you to achieve a debt free status through: 

  • The creation of a flexible spending plan specifically tailored to your needs.

  • Reduction / elimination of interest rates, late fees & penalties.

  • The elimination of creditor harassment.

  • The arrangement of one convenient monthly payment.

  • The utilization of proven money management techniques that will help you spend more wisely in the future..

Regardless of reason for your current financial status, click on the link below and allow us to show you how to live a debt free life once again!

Free Debt Consolidation Quote

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Consumer debt, credit and financial related information- credit cards, bankruptcy, cash advance and more.

Medical Billing - Be sure to check you bill for add-ons, unauthorized charges and piling-on, to ensure the accuracy of your bill.

Cash Advance - Think twice before getting a cash advance. Did you know in addition to the upfront fee you'll pay, interest rates are usually higher than card purchases- upwards of 21% or more. Additionally, cash advances have no grace period....

Balance Transfers - Make sure you understand exactly what your getting into when transferring from one card to another. What at first glance may seem like a good offer may not be so good after all. Important considerations.

Pay Day Cash Advance Loans - Discusses short term loans available to help cash-strapped consumers.


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